AT102Cable temperature sensor PT100

  • IP67

  • -30 ... 180 °C

  • 45 mm
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  • Cable temperature sensor with 5 m silicone cable with open end (4-wire)
  • With PT100 measuring element according to DIN EN 60751; use of a thermowell for additional protection of the measuring element is recommended
  • The diameter of the protective tube is 6 mm
  • suitable for use with liquid and gaseous media
  • Protection rating IP67

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The AT102 cable temperature sensor has a measurement range of -30 … 180° and a high protection rating of IP67. The protective sleeve is 45 mm in length with a diameter of 6 mm and is made of robust stainless steel (V4A). This protective sleeve contains a Pt100 platinum measurement element that complies with DIN EN 60751. This platinum resistor allows for measurement across a wide temperature range as well as high accuracy. The cable temperature sensor is supplied with current via a 5 m silicone cable with 4 wires. The temperature is measured using the platinum resistance thermometer principle. Thanks to the robustness of the materials, the AT102 temperature sensor can also be used in challenging industrial environments.

If the AT102 is combined with a thermowell , the temperature sensor can easily be replaced during operation, and the additional protection that it provides for the measurement element increases the sensor’s service life. The AT102 represents a value-for-money sensor solution for liquid and gaseous media – including high quality and reliability – made in Germany.

For this product, we do not offer any technical support for private customers. Please get in touch with a qualified professional for proper installation.

Technical data AT102

General information

180 °C
-30 °C
20 bar

Electrical data


Mechanical data

45 mm
Pt100, tolerance class A as per DIN EN 60751
Wire end sleeves, grey 0.75 mm²
6 mm
45 mm
5 m
Silicone / 4-wire


T05 = 6 s / T09 = 18 s

Ambient conditions


Additional information

No accessories included
500V DC test voltage


°C - Temperature
Ω - Resistance

Data sheet
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good quality
3/28/2020 5:26:53 PM
11/10/2023 1:23:37 PM
Used as a temp control in heat system. works ok.\nExcellent !
9/11/2021 11:49:40 AM
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