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Speed monitoring

Speed monitoring devices are used to evaluate rotational and linear movement as well as reliable detection of underspeed and overspeed. Speed monitors use the inductive measurement technique. All metals can be registered without physical contact and wear-free in this way.

Advantages of speed monitoring

A speed monitor has two outputs. The basic sequence of pulses is output in parallel with the speed monitoring that has been set. The start-up delay (that can be set) prevents switching errors when the machine to be monitored is started up. Easily visible LEDs display the operational and switching statuses of the speed monitor. A locking function ensures that unauthorized manipulation of the sensor during operation is prevented.

The advantages of speed monitoring at a glance:

  • Inductive measurement: contactless and wear-free
  • Reliable detection of underspeed and overspeed
  • Start-up suppression can be preset
  • LED display
  • Can be set via potentiometer
  • Broad range of applications

Application examples for speed monitoring

The AR001 speed monitor from autosen can be used for speed monitoring (underspeed or blocking) on elevator, conveyor and ventilation systems.