Reducing air and energy consumption via the IoT Locating leaks, improving sustainability and competitiveness

With EnergyTransparency@SMC and the io-key®, the automation experts at SMC are making production processes with compressed air more efficient, economical and sustainable.

SMC Deutschland GmbH is a leading manufacturer, partner and solution provider for pneumatic and electrical automation technology based in Egelsbach near Frankfurt am Main. The company is part of the global SMC Corporation and has been active on the German market since 1978.

With products, solutions and tools for the energy-saving design of industrial applications and processes, SMC contributes to the sustainability and competitiveness of companies in all sectors. The io-key® plays a key role in this.

The IoT now offers insights into the pneumatics and shows in real time how changes to the system affect them.
Oliver Prang, Expert Digital Business Development, SMC Deutschland GmbH

Locate leaks, improve sustainability and competitiveness

Despite high energy costs for compressed air generation, hardly any company knows where compressed air is being lost unused through leaks or leaks - partly because checking the lines involves a great deal of manual effort and is therefore not carried out regularly. EnergyTransparency@SMC visualises the processes in pneumatics and shows the potential savings in a clear dashboard in the cloud.

The plug-and-use solution comprising compressed air sensors, io-key®, cloud service and reporting sends pressure and flow values from the machine every minute, enabling automated monitoring in real time. The one-off installation takes less than 10 minutes, after which all relevant consumption data from the respective measuring point is available. Unusual consumption patterns or changes over time can be clearly identified and then eliminated, and sustainable energy strategies can be developed on the basis of objective data.


Everything at a glance

  • SMC offers EnergyTransparency@SMC and io-key® IoT-based solutions to reduce air and energy consumption.

  • The technology enables the detection of leakages and improves the sustainability and competitiveness of companies.

  • The plug&use solution monitors compressed air consumption in real time and provides relevant consumption data.

  • Unusual consumption patterns can be identified and sustainable energy strategies developed.


Manufacturer of pneumatic and electric automation technology

SMC Deutschland GmbH
Boschring 13-15, D-63329 Egelsbach
Mail (at)smc(dot)de
Mail +49 6103 402-0

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  • sensor to cloud made easy
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  • Cloud dashboard & alarm functions
io-key Whitelabel

The io-key® white label solution for SMC

  • One SMC pressure and flow meter each

  • io-key® with SMC label and colours

  • Completely pre-assembled for easy installation

  • Secure data transmission and individual dashboard in the SMC Cloud

  • Clear display of current and historical values

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