Plug & play - the route of data from the sensor to the cloud

Smart sensors provide smart data - thanks to IO-Link technology

More than 20,000 sensor types from over 350 manufacturers - 20 million devices in the field

Thanks to the industry-established IO-Link technology, the data is transmitted directly from the sensor as digital data sets to a master. In addition to the measurement data, the data points already contain important information such as the unit of measurement, value range and other descriptive data. Due to the standardisation of the technology, the data is transmitted in the same format regardless of the manufacturer. Further, an IO-Link sensor can also transmit more than one data point via a cable connection - thus enabling the application of hubs. All this additional information transforms a sensor into a "smart sensor" and allows the user to benefit from "plug & play" with io-key®.

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M12 4-pin
24V DC

Power supply & edge functions

Switch actuators from the cloud

The io-key® hardware is supplied from a 24V DC power source, which can either be provided by an existing system or a plug-in power supply unit. Furthermore, the digital switching outputs (0 / 24V DC), which can be controlled via the edge functions, are concealed in the power port.

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Data transmission via mobile communications network

Independent of your IT infrastructure

The sent MQTT messages that contain the sensor data points are transmitted within a separate VPN between io-key® and the mobile communications network operator (LTE-M or 2G) and are thus secure from external access. The integrated SIM card can be used in most European countries without any problems thanks to an extensive roaming agreement. The mobile communications module of io-key® always automatically selects the strongest available mobile communications network, meaning no configuration is necessary.

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Maximum safety, reach and control

Your perfect companion for connectivity!

Map MarkerSecure end-to-end encryption via VPN
Map MarkerAvailability: Works even when there is no mobile phone signal
Map MarkerFull cost control thanks to IIoT flat rate data packets
Map MarkerWorldwide roaming & efficient data usage

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Secure & reliable: End-to-end

The security of your data is paramount. Therefore, the data between the mobile communications network and the cloud endpoint is encrypted using the IPsec protocol.

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Central location for all data - your

The right data for the right person available in real time

Once the data has arrived in the cloud, all the advantages of the "Internet of Things" can be used. The is the central platform for your sensor data. From here you can access every function in the clear and concise user interfaces without having to write a line of code. Within the, the data continues to be managed in the form of data points. These data points are assigned to devices (digital sensor) and can be used across all applications and functions. In addition, they can also be used via REST or Node-RED for external processing.

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Your partner for automation technology & IIoT
Your partner for automation technology & IIoT

Remote monitoring and process control via each end device

Monitor your sensors from any end device

Thanks to the browser-based cloud application, the data can be viewed and managed from any end device, regardless of its manufacturer and size. All you need is an Internet connection. This allows you to access your sensor data from anywhere and to control your processes efficiently.

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Europe-wide wireless connection

Flexible application in 28 countries with io-key®

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Map MarkerFinland
Map MarkerFrance
Map MarkerGreece
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