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Laser distance sensors

Laser sensors are used wherever small objects are to be registered or where the position detection has to be especially accurate. Laser light consists of light waves with the same wavelength. The phase of the beam of light is correlated over a relatively great distance (coherent). This means that the beam only diverges to a very small extent, which is one of the most important features of laser sensors.

Advantages of laser distance sensors

Laser distance sensors register position especially accurately. The beam of light is extremely non-divergent, which means that it can cover a very large range. The laser point (where it impinges on an object) can be seen clearly even in daylight, which makes system alignment simpler.

The advantages of laser distance sensors at a glance:

  • Especially accurate
  • Long range
  • Easy system alignment because of visible laser point

Applications for laser distance sensors

Laser distance sensors are used in automation technology to register spacing or filling levels and recognize objects. In addition, a pair of laser distance sensors can be used to measure material thicknesses by being set up in opposition to each other. The material thickness can be determined by subtracting the measured distances.