Sound deflection angles and sound tubes for ultrasonic sensors
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AA963Sound deflection angle small for ultrasonic sensors
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  • For ultrasonic sensors AU001-AU005
  • 90° deflection angle
  • Max. range 1200 mm
  • suitable for confined installation environments
  • Stainless steel
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AA965Sound tube for ultrasonic sensors
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  • For ultrasonic sensors with M18 thread
  • reduces the maximum range
  • prevents faulty switching

Accessories for ultrasonic sensors


Sound tubes for ultrasonic sensors

Sound tubes are screwed directly in front of the vibrating diaphragm of ultrasonic sensors, thereby reducing the diameter of the emitted sound beam. This provides a slender measuring range and eliminates interference in the boundary area of the sound beam. For example, level measuring with ultrasonic sensors is thus also possible for small diameter containers, as the sensor does not inadvertently detect the container wall.

Deflectors for ultrasonic sound

Sound deflectors facilitate installation of ultrasonic sensors with an M18 thread. The sound deflector reflects the emitted sound by 90° and the ultrasonic sensor is installed at an 90° angle to the measuring direction. This offers an alternative to the conventional installation direction when space is limited.