Edge Schaltfunktion The data point graph allows you to visualise all recorded measured values of your sensors within a graph, for example to analyse fluctuations of the measured values over time.

Data is the basis for any process optimisation and predictive maintenance.

In order to evaluate process data with regard to historical events, e.g. draw conclusions about predictive maintenance measures, the largest possible database must first be available. Once data has been sent to the autosen.cloud, it can also be cached there for a longer period of time without much effort.

Predictive maintenance is often the goal when digitising a process. To do so, some data must first be collected and then assigned to events such as component failure. This networking enables the user to subsequently define corresponding alarm rules and logics in order to predict the failure of machines and processes at an early stage and thus prevent it.
Insurance-related aspects are often also the reason for the continuous recording and storage of process data.

In any case, the autosen.cloud can easily cache your data for a maximum of one year, so you can access it from anywhere. The data does not leave Germany, as the servers used for storage are operated in Frankfurt. Display your process data clearly online in a graph or view each individual process value in a list.

Edge Schaltfunktion This example shows the visualisation of a cooling unit as a dynamic SVG flowchart. The status and measured values of individual systems within a process can thus be clearly presented.

Save data externally

If the data is to be stored for a longer period of time or externally, exports in the common file formats XLSX and CSV can be created very easily and also sent in an automated manner. This automatism (e.g. on a monthly basis) can also be simply defined in your autosen.cloud.

Or further process data externally?

Furthermore, the autosen.cloud offers the possibility to retrieve the recorded data via a REST interface (API) and to store it in any external system.

REST interface
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