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Capacitive touch sensors

Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors are a type of position sensor. They can be used for contactless registration of any kind of object and for monitoring filling levels. In contrast to their inductive counterparts which can only register metallic objects, capacitive sensors can also register non-metallic materials. Our capacitive sensors are available in various models and with either plastic or metal housings for different applications. You will find accessories for installation on a tank or sight glass (bypass) here.

Advantages of capacitive sensors

Our capacitive sensors score with their high setting ranges, ease of operation and parametrizing as well as their extremely good fabrication quality. As they operate in contactless mode, they have long service lives, increased immunity to interference and therefore a high degree of process and operational reliability. They are insensitive to dust and soiling and can register practically all materials irrespective of their colour, gloss, reflective properties and surface texture.
Capacitive sensors register positions and detect objects reliably at short measurement ranges. If a higher range is required, you should choose a photoelectric or ultrasonic sensor.

All the advantages of capacitive sensors at a glance:

  • Reliable and exact position detection for objects of practically any material, irrespective of colour, gloss, reflective properties and surface texture
  • Long service life
  • Contactless measurement technique
  • High degree of process and operational reliability thanks to increased immunity to interference
  • High setting ranges
  • Ultra high fabrication quality
  • Easy operation and parametrization
  • Insensitive to dust and soiling
  • Setting range can be set using a potentiometer or teach-key
  • Plastic or metal housing for different applications

Application examples for capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors register the position of practically any kind of object at short measurement ranges. Typical areas of application are to be found in the wood, paper, glass, plastics, foodstuffs and chemical industries.

Flush-mounted capacitive sensors are especially suitable for detecting non-conductive materials. In contrast, non-flush-mounted capacitative sensors are more suitable for detecting conductive materials and for tasks related to filling levels.