Level sensors for a very wide range of industrial applications

Filling levels can be registered using either a contact or contact-free method. To so do, various sensor techniques are employed. Depending on the actual requirement, the filling level can be determined continuously or as a threshold value. Capacitive sensors can be used for point level monitoring, and they can also detect filling levels through non-metallic container walls. The exact filling level for liquids can be hydrostatically determined using pressure sensors or via a probe with guided wave radar. With bulk material, photoelectric sensors can determine the filling level up to ten metres to the nearest centimetre. The level sensors AF005 and AF006 are particularly reliable, even where material to be sensed tends to cling. The measuring technique in this case is based on impedance spectroscopy.

Point level detection

The point level detection process detects when a defined filling level is reached. This triggers an electric switching signal. The user can adjust the sensors to the medium at the press of a key. The integrated electronics ensure exact replication of the set switching points. The capacitive measuring principle reliably detects changes in the filling level through non-metallic container walls. Impedance spectroscopy enables front or rear mounted level monitoring of tanks and containers without foam formation or clinging material interfering with the process.
System: Capacitive, wetted
  • For contact with the medium
  • Overflow protection
  • Leakage monitoring
  • e.g. the AF001
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System: Capacitive, contactless
  • For detection through non-metal containers
  • The cost-effective variant for point level monitoring
  • e.g. the AC001 to AC005
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System: Impedance spectroscopy, front mounted
  • Adhesion ignored
  • Level monitoring in tanks and containers
  • Point level monitoring
  • e.g. the AF005
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System: Impedance spectroscopy, rear mounted
  • Adhesion ignored
  • Level monitoring in tanks and containers
  • Point level monitoring
  • e.g. the AF006
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Continuous level measuring

In continuous measuring, the filling level is detected steplessly and converted into an electric signal for display and transmission. Continuous level sensors from autosen utilise three physical measuring principles: guided wave radar for liquid media, a ceramic pressure measurement cell that determines the hydrostatic pressure of the material involved and optical sensing to detect bulk material or non-transparent liquids.
System: Guided wave radar
  • Robust against adhesion and foam formation
  • Probe can be shortened from 0.1 ... 1.6 m
  • Specially developed for water-based media
  • e.g. the AF003 and AF004
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System: Hydrostatic
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Suitable for hygiene applications
  • On tanks and in open water
  • e.g. the AF901 to AF904
  • e.g. the AP001 to AP022
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System: Optical
  • For large distances up to 10 m
  • Without medium contact
  • For bulk materials or non-transparent liquids
  • e.g. the AL001 to AL004
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System: Ultrasonic
  • Contactless level monitoring
  • Self-cleaning sensor membrane
  • For levels of up to 8 metres in height
  • e.g. the AU007
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Sensors for limit detection/ sensors for continuous level measuring

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Capacitive sensor M12x1 metal thread
AC005Capacitive sensor M12x1 metal thread
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  • robust metal housing (V4A)
  • M12x1 thread, M12 connector (3-pin)
  • 3… 12 mm sensing range
  • Non-flush
  • Normally open (NO)
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Binary level sensor
AF001Binary level sensor
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  • Water, water-based media, oils
  • in contact with media
  • Point level detection
  • Probe length 132 mm
  • Programmable normally open/ normally closed
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Pressure level transmitter
AF901Pressure level transmitter
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  • 0...0.5 bar/ 0...5 mH2O
  • 10 m open cable
  • Water, water-based media, heating oil, fuels
  • in contact with media
  • continuous level measuring
io Cloudkompatibel Cloud compatible
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Programmable electr. pressure sensor G1/4F
AP022Programmable electr. pressure sensor G1/4F
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  • -1...1 bar
  • G1/4 internal thread
  • with IO-Link
  • ceramic-capacitive pressure sensing element
  • 2x programmable normally open/ normally closed