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Remote monitoring using automatic alarms and notifications

In addition to extensive visualisation options, the automatic triggering of alarms is another pillar of remote monitoring. The aim of these features is to permanently monitor the status of machines and processes without having to constantly look at the dashboards. If, for example, a measured value is in a critical value range, the operator should be informed immediately in order to be able to intervene at an early stage.

Transmission intervals

If the status of a machine or process is to be permanently monitored in the background, it is recommended to set up an alarm rule. Since the process data is already available in the digital world of the IoT, such an alarm rule can be generated directly in the autosen.cloud. The setup is very easy with the help of the graphical user interface and does not require any programming knowledge.

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Setting up alarm rules in the cloud

When setting up a rule, it is also important to know the interval at which the rule is to be checked. If checking the alarm rule in the transmission interval of io-key® is sufficient, the cloud alarm function can be used. If fulfilment of an alarm rule is also to be checked between transmissions, the logic can be shifted to the so-called edge, i.e. io-key®.

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Forwarding alarms via email or text message.

Regardless of the alarm source – whether autosen.cloud or io-key® – alarms of any origin can also be forwarded as an email or text message. This way you do not have to look at the dashboard, or the autosen.cloud interface, at all times as all alarms are immediately forwarded to a mailbox of your choice, allowing you to respond directly to any unwanted changes in your system.

Would you like to receive a direct push notification?

No problem. You can also further process all alarms and events in external systems, such as Node-RED, and convert them into any desired output. In this way, various types of transmission such as Messenger or push notifications also become possible.
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Need help creating your alarm rules?

We are happy to help you. We are available in person from Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 17:00 (CET) or flexibly via our contact form. Alternatively, you can visit the io-key® Helpcenter.

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