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Sensors for budding mechanics

Real car guys start early, and that has to include a look under the bonnet. At the Spieleland theme park in Ravensburg, even the youngest member of the family can drive around in a sleek miniature Mercedes SLK. In the new Bosch Car Service World visitors can also change the wheels of the large originals – as a game to see who is fastest. In both cases a whole series of inductive and optical sensors ensures that everything is fair and safe.

The love of fast engines and finely shaped car bodies must be in the genes. Speedy roadsters will bring a sparkle to the eyes of even the youngest enthusiasts. Even a visit to the workshop to watch repairs being done can be a fascinating experience for children. The 600 sq.m. Bosch Car Service World is one of the most popular family attractions in the Ravensburger Spieleland. The popular "Play Land" theme park in Ravensburg, Germany is dedicated to entertainment, education and knowledge. The new wheel changing game for the whole family is correspondingly realistic. Speed is not all that counts – the quality of the work and neatness in the workstation are also considered. So the stopwatch keeps running until the sensors report that everything is back in place.

When the safety of children is at stake, reliability and durability come first in the requirements specification. Cheap products from the far east are excluded without consideration.
Peter Szabolcsfi, PROKAR

A miniature workshop world

Peter Szabolcsfi set up the system with his company PROKAR and created the technical requirements to ensure that the rules of the game are followed. The wheel bolts must be correctly inserted and tightened, the tyre rack properly fitted and each tool put in the right place. All of this must be in place to win the game. So it is important to follow the regulations and safety rules. "to make the game as realistic as possible we work for example with tyre models that are lighter than the originals but just as large as them, and also with compressed air screwdrivers appropriate for children" says Szabolcsfi.

PROKAR decided to use autosen devices for all models. An important criterion: the online sales model. "Since I'm self-employed I often work outside of regular business hours, and because of that I am a regular customer of online shops without any rigid opening hours" says Szabolcsfi. Another point: the safety of German premium products.

Ihr Partner für Automatisierungstechnik & IIoT
Ihr Partner für Automatisierungstechnik & IIoT Ihr Partner für Automatisierungstechnik & IIoT

The position of the wheel bolts is monitored by four inductive sensors for each rim. They have rugged metal threads and sense the wheel bolts. The compartment in which the compressed air screwdriver is supposed to be safely stowed is also inductively monitored. The shelf compartments for the tyres are equipped with optical sensors.

Everything at a glance

  • At Ravensburger Spieleland, children can playfully exchange the wheels of miniature Mercedes SLKs in a Bosch Car Service workshop.

  • The workshop offers a realistic experience where inductive and photoelectric sensors ensure fairness and safety.

  • Peter Szabolcsfi of PROKAR set up the facility and chose autosen sensors because of the online distribution model and the level of safety provided by premium German products.

  • The game encourages a love of cars and mechanics in even the youngest of budding mechanics.

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Sensors used

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Inductive sensor Standard Class IP67
AI054Inductive sensor Standard Class IP67
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  • Metal housing M12 thread
  • M12 connector (3-pin)
  • Flush
  • sensing range 4 mm
  • Normally open (NO)

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