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Vibration sensors

Vibration sensors are used for monitoring switching thresholds and vibrations. All machines generate vibrations during operation. Imbalance or misalignment can have negative effects on machine states. As a preventive measure, the electric AV002 vibration monitor from autosen monitors the condition of machines and plant in accordance with ISO 10816. The AV001 vibration transmitter measures the effective vibration speed on a non-rotating component surface.

Advantages of vibration sensors

Vibration sensors reliably measure and monitor vibrations. This meets the demands made on modern machine monitoring; they are modular and compatible, with transferable configuration. In addition to registering vibration data, the monitoring system automatically generates a machine diagnosis. The switch point and the response delay can be set easily by means of two radial setting rings.

The advantages of vibration sensors at a glance:

  • Reliable measurement and monitoring of vibrations and switching thresholds in accordance with ISO 10816
  • Permanent machine protection
  • Modular and compatible with transferable configuration
  • Automatic machine diagnosis
  • Switch point and response delay can be set via two radial setting rings