Calorimetric flow velocity sensors

Calorimetric flow velocity sensors operate to the thermal principle. A tip with temperature sensor and heated reference sensor is placed in the pipe with medium contact.They are used with liquid and gaseous media (high purity, w/o particles and solids, e.g., for the monitoring of agitators, cooling circuits, as protection against dry running or for flow monitoring in pipes.

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Calorimetric flow velocity sensors

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Flow monitor M18x1.5F
AS001Flow monitor M18x1.5F
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  • calorimetric measuring principle
  • 3...300 cm/s
  • 2...80 °C
  • liquid & gaseous media
  • 2x programmable normally open/ normally closed
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Flow sensor Programmable M18x1 , 5I
AS005Flow sensor Programmable M18x1 , 5I
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  • calorimetric measuring principle
  • 0.04...3 m/s
  • -20...90 °C
  • Water, air, glycol solutions, oils
  • 2x antivalent & analogue output