Damping magnets for magnetic sensors from autosen
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Damping magnet M 3.0
AA952Damping magnet M 3.0
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  • Damping magnet M3.0
  • Barium ferrite
  • for magnetic sensors AM001-AM004
  • Ø 20 mm; 6.5 mm thick; hole: 4.1 mm in centre
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Damping magnet M 5.0
AA953Damping magnet M 5.0
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  • Damping magnet M5.0
  • Barium ferrite
  • Ø 31 mm; 15 mm thick; hole: 5 mm in centre
  • for magnetic sensors AM001-AM004

Accessories for magnetic sensors

Damping magnets are used in combination with magnetic sensors to make large sensing ranges possible. autosen's damping magnets are made of the material barium ferrite, have an axial magnetization alignment and operate within a large range of temperatures. They can be installed easily and conveniently with just a single screw.