Questions and answers about io-key® &

The Narrowband-IoT network is currently (as of April 2019) being expanded throughout Europe. Deutsche Telekom plans to complete network expansion in Germany by the end of 2019. If NB-IoT is not available, the io-key® will transmit into the existing and well-developed 2G network and can, therefore, be operated in Europe without any problems.

Deep building penetration and high network coverage: +20 dB transmitting power enables transmission down to basement level. Low data consumption: Optimised transmission protocols significantly reduce data consumption. Only the really relevant sensor data is transmitted.

Up to 100 times as many end devices per radio cell: A radio cell has a maximum number of devices. NB-IoT allows significantly more devices into the cell and thus ensures reliable data transmission.

Low power consumption: The NB-IoT radio modules are optimised for low energy consumption.
Secure data transmission: End-to-end transmission in your own VPN network protects the data very efficiently.