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All-rounders equipped with sensors

Modern sawing machines are high-tech all-rounders – and comparatively expensive. Therefore, reconditioning and customising second-hand equipment or converting existing machines is a real alternative to buying new products. Lupberger Systemlösungen OHG relies on high-resistance sensors from autosen when it comes to retrofitting cutting solutions.

Lupberger Systemlösungen specialises in retrofitting sawing lines and machines. The focus here is firmly on technically sophisticated sawing machines with bandsaw blades and circular saw blades for steel, non-ferrous metal and plastics. The portfolio of customers is broad and diverse, ranging from automotive suppliers to electrical contractors and the steel construction industry.

Our retrofit service offers an extremely good price/performance ratio – this should and must of course also be reflected in the sensors installed.
Marc Lupberger, Managing Director

autosen at the saw head and the workpiece

Two factors influence cutting precision: The position of the saw head and that of the workpiece. Both are monitored by sensors. On the exterior, where the position of the finished end product is detected, devices boasting standard protection classes can be used. But the closer you get to the actual sawing line, the greater the exposure to vibrations, dust and chips. Lupberger therefore primarily uses autosen high-resistance class, inductive sensors and photoelectric sensors with stainless steel housings that work reliably and precisely even under extreme conditions – each machine is equipped with up to 50 autosen sensors.

The decision in favour of autosen was based not only the fact that autosen devices can withstand the rough and dusty conditions inside a saw without any loss of quality but also on their excellent price/performance ratio.

Individual customisation

In the course of a retrofit procedure, all the electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic or wear components are replaced and, where required, enhanced. This allows Lupberger to better meet customer demands and offer individual solutions.

The more specific a customer's application, the more specific the control technology and sensors. Retrofit – in addition to a technical overhaul, it also involves customising the respective machine.

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Up to 50 autosen sensors are fitted in the powerful sawing machines after their overhaul.

Everything at a glance

  • Lupberger Systemlösungen OHG offers retrofit solutions for technically demanding sawing machines with autosen sensors.

  • Sensors monitor the position of the saw head and the workpiece for precise cutting.

  • Inductive autosen sensors of the high resistance class and photoelectric sensors with stainless steel housings are used because of their robustness and precision.

  • In the course of the retrofit, all components are replaced and upgraded to allow for individual customisation and specific control technology.

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Products used

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Inductive sensor Standard Class IP67
AI009Inductive sensor Standard Class IP67
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  • Plastic housing (PA)
  • M12 connector (4-pin)
  • Non-flush
  • sensing range 40 mm
  • Switching output antivalent
io Cloudkompatibel Cloud compatible
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Retro-reflective sensor IP69K stainless steel housing
AO002Retro-reflective sensor IP69K stainless steel housing
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  • Sensing range 0.05...5 m
  • Red light
  • with polarisation filter
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Light-on/dark-on mode programmable

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