Edge Schaltfunktion The automatically created sensor dashboard visualises all the measured values of your IO-Link sensor directly and without any manual intervention. This ensures all key data is available at a glance.

Remote monitoring allows the monitoring of machines, systems and processes from a distance and via the Internet of Things.

Once the data of your machine is on the Internet of Things, you can view, evaluate and process it from anywhere, regardless of the device. The autosen.cloud user interface offers various options for displaying data in a machine-specific or process-specific manner, or according to your individual requirements.

By creating dashboards, all the key parameters of a machine or a process can be clearly displayed at a glance. Various predefined display formats are used, such as measured value graphs, tachometer displays or binary status widgets. The autosen.cloud is also able to create an automatic dashboard for each connected sensor, thereby eliminating the need for manual configuration.

The basis for the automatic creation of a sensor dashboard is the IO-Link technology, which provides a detailed sensor description (IO-Link device description) for each sensor. This also includes the value range and unit of measurement of the sensor, which ensure that the automatically created sensor dashboard also fully corresponds to the sensor type.

Edge Schaltfunktion This example shows the visualisation of a cooling unit as a dynamic SVG flowchart. The status and measured values of individual systems within a process can thus be clearly presented.

Visualise your own process

Besides creating your own dashboards for individual devices or device groups, there is also a wide choice of visualisations in the form of predefined widgets. If the machine or process is to be mapped in greater detail, you can embed an SVG file in the autosen.cloud and assign and display the measured values of the sensors to the process-specific measuring points within these graphics.

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