From OT for IT.

Integrate the io-key® into your existing cloud infrastructure.

apollo brings structured and readable sensor data into your cloud via plug & play. Whether on AWS, Azure, or in your private cloud; apollo offers the possibility to connect the io-key® and thus more than 20,000 industrial sensors from over 350 manufacturers directly to your cloud.

With its new apollo container architecture, autosen addresses integrators, cloud operators, software developers, IT service providers, and IoT natives. apollo takes care of the data preparation and delivers sensor values of the connected sensor to your broker via MQTT in less than 1 minute.

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100 x faster, 10 x cheaper

Generate KPIs in minutes & dramatically reduce your cost structure.

The io-key® enables true plug & play through the use of IO-Link sensor technology. No IT setup is required in combination with mobile connectivity (sim card integrated into the housing). The gateway is a true OT field device with IP65 protection. Once integrated into your cloud, apollo delivers sensor data directly to your infrastructure via MQTT. Via an API interface, io-keys® can be managed and addressed.

With io-key® & apollo you are 10x cheaper and 100x faster!


apollo Container Architecture

The container architecture offers many advantages:

autosen and the io-key® ecosystem have a lot of experience integrating containers and supporting you with your implementation.

  • No vendor lock-in: io-keys® can run on many different cloud environments.

  • Cost reduction: self-management leads to a significant cost reduction in the operation of the io-key® (up to 75%).

  • io-keys® in self-administration: create individual solutions for your applications.

  • Full range of functions from the io-key®: control is effortless via REST API.

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io-key® sends data to apollo on your cloud

Start-up is as simple as possible.


Connect one of over 20,000 sensors to the io-key®.


The io-key® sends the sensor data to apollo. It translates the data into a clean, structured format.


apollo delivers this data to your cloud interface via MQTT.

From developers for developers!

We use standard tools for administration, documentation, and for addressing our apollo API:


GitLab is a cloud service for version management for software development projects.


Docker has established itself in container virtualization worldwide and is one of the most popular solutions in this environment.


Postman is a powerful tool for developing and testing APIs.


Swagger is currently the best way to document REST APIs.


Become an integration partner

Use the io-key® for your customers and applications and benefit from our partner program.

io-key® & apollo provides you with the possibility of a fast sensor integration on many different target clouds. As a result, you reduce integration costs, and your customer can set up the devices himself.

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Start your integration today!

Download apollo and a software io-key® completely free of charge and get started today!

Get the download link for apollo and the software io-key® here. All we need is a short registration. We will then provide you with the required information by e-mail in detailed instructions.

Once you have completed the integration, you can purchase the hardware io-key® and register it in self-service at


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