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IIoT does have a colour. Yours.

All the components – hardware, communication technology and cloud – meet the highest requirements in terms of reliability, security and performance of a future-proof IoT solution. Global players such as ifm and SMC already rely on the performance of our products in many areas of application and implement them with their own label. These include above all automation experts, machine manufacturers, telecommunications providers and IoT specialists.

Since they find the open, flexible and customisable solution to be the ideal platform for developing, implementing and marketing new products and services.

It is now time for you to step into the Industrial Internet of Things. This has never been as easy as with the io-key®.

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Your colour, your logo

Individual branding for your io-key®.

Industry 4.0 as a business enabler

A universe of new possibilities.

In IIoT, everything is interconnected. Buildings and vehicles, machines and systems, water or energy meters constantly exchange information – with each other, with the company software or with the customer system. This is a treasure trove of data that every company can unlock if given the right tools.

All data of the objects networked in IIoT can be used – for autonomous edge applications or in integrated end-to-end systems. Open up new revenue sources, improve efficiency and competitiveness and strengthen customer loyalty? The potential of IIoT is huge, regardless of the company size or industry.

The collection, transmission and processing of this data requires tools that make the complexity manageable for the user and the applications affordable. The easier and more economical an IIoT project can be implemented, the more a company can focus on digital transformation.

The solutions from autosen, including the io-key® as a plug&play tool, show that things can be done differently. Maximum connectivity with minimum effort: This is also the basic idea behind IIoT. A company can use the io-key® to implement a complete digitalisation project within just 24 hours and with very little investment – achieving significant time and cost savings compared to the conventional approach.

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Customer loyalty 4.0

New digital business models

Nobody knows your customers better than you do. And with the branding options in the io-key® reseller packages, you have everything under control at all times, even during the digital transformation. With your company's name, colour and logo on the hardware and with your own individual cloud environment, you create a familiar environment for the joint step into Industry 4.0 – and the ideal conditions for innovations and new services.

The io-key® is your personal key to value-creating technology transformation and sustainable customer loyalty in the rapidly changing markets of your individual industry.

With the io-key® you generate valuable, digital added values for your automation solutions or data-based services. You can offer your customers a completely integrated solution from a single source without tying up your financial, technical or personnel resources.

Integration is just as simple and straightforward for you as it is for your customers. Instead of having to solve technical problems, you can actually focus on expanding your digital portfolio. The io-key® is the answer to the challenges of your existing customers and a business enabler for your new business.

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Your partner for automation technology & IIoT

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