IO001io-key Wireless IoT Gateway

  • IO-Link

  • IP65

  • Plug & Play

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  • All-in-one solution consisting of wireless gateway, cloud access and data flat rate, which enables sensor data to be brought into the cloud, monitored and analysed easily and in a matter of seconds
  • manufacturer-independent compatibility with more than 10,000 IO-Link sensors
  • customised dashboards and alarm functions
  • automatic detection of the sensor via IO-Link
  • Data is transmitted securely & across a long range via wireless link
io cloud compatible

Industry 4.0 & IIoT

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io-key - the complete solution of radio gateway, cloud access and data flat rate with which you can monitor, analyse and manage your sensor data online in three simple steps.

Apart from a power connection and IO-Link-capable sensors (currently over 6,000 sensors from more than 200 manufacturers – including autosen), you do not need any additional hardware or software to view your data online. After commissioning in just three simple steps, you will automatically see your sensor values on individually generated dashboards in the cloud environment "" and can comfortably monitor and analyse your data, and will be notified via email and SMS if values alter.

The data is transmitted securely, cost-effectively and at long range via radio (narrowband IoT and 2G). This allows you to work regardless of location and infrastructure without having to modify your own IT. The flat rate principle is used for billing, with full cost control from €5/month - and can be cancelled at any time. You can easily select your individual data model online and book various function modules such as data storage or SMS dispatch.

New: The io-key is equipped with an edge alarm and switching function, which enables independent and real-time alarms and switching operations to be carried out on site at the machine. Alarms can be sent to the cloud regardless of the transmission interval or simple switching operations for actuators can be implemented.
1. Select your transmission interval & your cloud storage (optional):
Transmission interval 1x / day
For infrequent queries about:
  • Levels
  • Point levels
Cloud storage
1 year
1.00 / Month
5.00 / Month
Transmission interval 1x / hour
For occasional queries about:
  • Statuses
  • Position detection
Cloud storage
1 year
1.50 / Month
7.50 / Month
Transmission interval 1x / minute
For frequent queries about:
  • Process values
  • Machine data
  • Position data
Cloud storage
1 year
2.00 / Month
12.50 / Month
Transmission interval 1x / 10 sec.
For constant queries about:
  • Material statuses
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Switching statuses
  • Position monitoring
Cloud storage
1 year
2.50 / Month
17.50 / Month
2. Select other services (optional):
1.00 / Month SMS notification
Up to 10x/month
3.00 / Month
io-key edge alarm function
Up to 1000 alarms/month from device
3.00 / Month
io-key edge switch function
Switching up to two outputs

3. Zusammenfassung:
io-key Wireless IoT Gateway
IO001io-key Wireless IoT Gateway
Payment method
monthly cloud fee
Incl. 5,5 % online discount
one-off hardware costs
249.00   263.49
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Technical data IO001

General information

Wireless IoT Gateway
IO-Link, SIO, NB-IoT, 2G (GSM)
Sensor data collection and wireless transmission to
Automatic dashboard display and alarm functions by email or SMS in

Wireless communication

NB-IoT (800- & 900-MHz); 2G (GSM) (900/1800 MHz)
installed, can be used throughout Europe (based on the Cumulocity platform)

Outputs / inputs

Power Port
2: Two digital outputs on pin 4 & pin 2; power port
Low: 0 ... 5 V | High: 11 ... 30 V
100 mA
< 3 sec.
2: One input each on pin 4 (IO-Link); IO-Port 1 & 2
COM 1 / COM 2 / COM 3

Electrical data

18 ... 30 V DC
Direct voltage (DC)
1000 mA

Mechanical data


Ambient conditions

-25 °C
60 °C

Additional information

4 x LED
1 x M12 sealing cap
EN 301489-1
EN 301489-17
EN 301489-19
EN 301489-52
DIN EN 60068-2-27
DIN EN 60068-2-6
EN 301511
EN 301908
EN 300328
EN 303413
EN 62368-1
EN 62311
For further information please refer to the operating instructions


Data sheet