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IO001 io-key Wireless IoT Gateway

  • IO-Link

  • IP65

  • Plug & Play

io-key - the complete solution of radio gateway, cloud access and data flat rate with which you can monitor, analyse and manage your sensor data online in three simple steps.

Apart from a power connection and IO-Link-capable sensors (currently over 6,000 sensors from more than 200 manufacturers – including autosen), you do not need any additional hardware or software to view your data online. After commissioning in just three simple steps, you will automatically see your sensor values on individually generated dashboards in the cloud environment "autosen.cloud" and can comfortably monitor and analyse your data, and will be notified via email and SMS if values alter.

The data is transmitted securely, cost-effectively and at long range via radio (narrowband IoT and 2G). This allows you to work regardless of location and infrastructure without having to modify your own IT. The flat rate principle is used for billing, with full cost control from €5/month - and can be cancelled at any time. You can easily select your individual data model online and book various function modules such as data storage or SMS dispatch.

New: The io-key is equipped with an edge alarm and switching function, which enables independent and real-time alarms and switching operations to be carried out on site at the machine. Alarms can be sent to the cloud regardless of the transmission interval or simple switching operations for actuators can be implemented.
Transmission interval 1x / day

For infrequent queries about:
  • Levels
  • Point levels

Our recommendation 5.00 / Month i

Cloud storage i
1 year
1.00 / Month
Transmission interval 1x / hour

For occasional queries about:
  • Statuses
  • Position detection

7.50 / Month i

Cloud storage i
1 year
1.50 / Month
Transmission interval 1x / minute

For frequent queries about:
  • Process values
  • Machine data
  • Position data

12.50 / Month i

Cloud storage i
1 year
2.00 / Month
Transmission interval 1x / 10 sec.

For constant queries about:
  • Material statuses
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Switching statuses
  • Position monitoring

17.50 / Month i

Cloud storage i
1 year
2.50 / Month
2. Select other services (optional):
autosen.cloud SMS notification i
Up to 10x/month
io-key edge alarm function i
Up to 1000 alarms/month from device
io-key edge switch function i
Switching up to two outputs
io-key Wireless IoT Gateway IO001
i monthly cloud fee
one-off hardware costs
plus VAT
Payment method i
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Buy sensors and sensor systems for automating systems and machines online at revolutionary low prices. As Germany's online pioneer and provider of position sensors, process sensors, industrial communication systems and connection technology for sensor solutions, we have aligned our product line to the daily needs of our industrial customers. In addition to inductive sensors, proximity switches and proximity sensors for non-contact detection of metals, we also offer optical sensors for longer distances in the system of retro-reflective sensor, reflex lights barriers and through-bean light barriers. We also offer sensor solutions in our Online Shop for laser sensors, distance sensors and laser light barriers. For position sensing we offer many different models of capacitive sensors, for example with M12 and M18 thread or in rectangular versions. Magnetic sensors, cylinder sensors and cylinder switches for pneumatic cylinders round out our assortment in position sensing.

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