AI401Inductive sensor with IO-Link IP69K

  • Programmable

  • 0.7 ...3.51 mm

  • M12

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  • IO-Link significantly expands the range of sensor functions Definition of limit values, including warning signal when defined values are exceeded/undercut; can be parameterised as normally open/ normally closed, PNP/NPN switching and as a measuring system with a variably settable switching output
  • reliable transmission of the distance & smallest distance changes as a linearised process value via IO-Link
  • Settable switch point 0.7...3.51 mm; flush mountable
  • Programmable normally open/ normally closed
  • Protection rating IP65/ IP66/ IP67/ IP68/ IP69k; excellent temperature stability
io cloud compatible

Industry 4.0 & IIoT

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The inductive sensor AI401 is a high-quality inductive proximity sensor with IO-Link which was manufactured according to the German quality standard. It is a flush mountable sensor, design M12, with a metal thread. The range of functions of the sensor is expanded significantly by IO-Link. The switching sensor can be parametrised as an NO/NC, PNP-/NPN-switching and as a measuring system with variably adjustable switching output. This reduces the wide range of versions and storage costs.

The AI401 can measure the smallest changes in distance with very great precision and output the measured value via IO-Link. IO-Link also allows the definition of limit values; if they are exceeded or drop below the minimum, the sensor outputs a warning signal. The extensive range of functions allows universal and permanent applicability with increased sensing range and good temperature stability. Even in harsh environmental conditions the sensor functions reliably thanks to the large temperature range of -40 to 85°C and the high protection ratings of IP66, IP68 and IP69K.

If you have questions regarding the IO-Link parameterization or want to use the parameterization service of autosen, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or start directly with the IO-Link starter kit ADS01.

Technical data AI401

General information

0.7 ... 3.51 mm
0.375 ... 3.75 mm*
*The Measuring range can be output as linearized process value via IO-Link
In combination with autosen:io (AD002) parametrisation of sensors with IO-Link interface
600 Hz
3.51 mm

Outputs / inputs

Normally open / Normally closed programmable*
Factory setting: normally open
Normally open/ normally closed parameterisable via IO-Link

Electrical data

10 ... 30 V DC
Direct voltage (DC)
*IO-Link parameterisation
100 mA
2.5 V
10 mA

Mechanical data

Cylindrical with thread
60 mm
Brass coated with white bronze
Contacts gold-plated


St37 = 1
V2A ca. 0.8
Ms approx. 0.5
Al approx. 0.5
Cu approx. 0.4
3 ... 15 % of the real switching distance Sr

Ambient conditions

-40 °C
85 °C

Additional information

668 years
Switching status: LED, yellow
2 fastening nuts
DIN EN 55011: Class B
DIN EN 61000-4-2 ESD
DIN EN 61000-4-3 HF radiated
DIN EN 61000-4-4 burst
DIN EN 61000-4-6 HF grid-bound
DIN EN 60068-2-27 Ea
EN 60068-2-29 Eb
EN 60068-2-14 Na
DIN EN 60068-2-6 Fc


Data sheet
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