AF901Pressure level transmitter

  • Heating oil, fuels

  • 0.5 bar / 10m cable

  • Analogue output
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  • Suitable for measuring the level of water, water-based media, heating oil and fuels
  • The submersible pressure transmitter is lowered to the bottom of the vessel
  • Measuring range 0...0.5 bar/ 0...5 mH2O
  • The relative pressure measuring cell ensures an accurate analogue signal and good long-term stability
  • Pressure compensation with the ambient pressure by means of a capillary tube integrated in the connection cable with a filter to protect against tube clogging

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The AF901 hydrostatic submersible pressure transmitter is designed for reliable level measuring in tanks, vessels, basins and wells. AF901 is ideal for the level monitoring of oily media such as hydraulic oil and fuel oil. The submersible pressure transmitter is lowered to the bottom of the vessel and can measure up to a maximum level of 5 mH2O. The submersible pressure transmitter is connected to a 10 m long cable, which is either assembled outside the vessel or fed directly into the control cabinet.

AF901 uses a relative pressure measuring cell that delivers an accurate analogue signal and good long-term stability. Atmospheric pressure compensation is achieved by an internally vented capillary tube that is integrated in the connection cable. A filter protects the tube from becoming clogged with droplets or dirt.

The device is suitable for underwater operation and, therefore, has the high protection rating of IP68. The robust stainless steel housing boasts a high-quality finish and ensures a high degree of impermeability at large immersion depths. When using appropriate accessories, e.g. a cable clamp holder and an IP67-protected junction box, the immersion probes can be adapted to the conditions of the specific application.

Technical data AF901

General information

Water, water-based media, heating oil, fuels
Immerge level transmitter with cable to the ground;
alternatively installation in 1-inch tube
0...0.5 bar / 0...5 mH2O

Outputs / inputs

4 ... 20 mA

Electrical data

10 ... 30 V DC
Direct voltage (DC)
500 V DC
20 mA
< (supply voltage - 7 V) / 0.02 A

Mechanical data

V4A (1.4404)
Al2O3 (ceramic)
Al2O3 (ceramic)
V4A (1.4404)
Open cable
10 m


0,2 % FS*
± 0.8 % FS*
incl. zero point, full scale, linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
± 0.5 % FS* / 10K
± 0.25 % FS*
*FS: Fullscale

Ambient conditions

3 bar
-20 ... 80 °C °C

Additional information

1 protection cover
1 protective filter for the ventilation pipe
EN 61326-2-3


CASE = case grounding
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Water level monitoring in tank
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