AF004Electronic level sensor G3/4M

  • G 3/4 M

  • 100 ... 1600 mm

  • 2x switching output

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  • For optimum level measuring with water-based coolant, oils, water and water-like media
  • cannot be used with granulate materials, bulk materials, acids, alkalis or in hygienic zones, electroplating areas and highly foaming media
  • 2x programmable normally open/ normally closed
  • One probe (see accessories) establishes contact with the medium
  • for media temperature 0...80 °C (90 °C <1h)
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Industry 4.0 & IIoT

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Electronic level sensor with guided wave radar for hydrous coolants, oils, oil-based media, water, media similar to water.

The electronic level sensor AF004 features a G 3/4 male process connection and a housing rotatable by 360°. Since there are no mechanical components, it provides especially high reliability. The unit enters into contact with the medium via a probe (see accessories), has a 4-digit alphanumeric display and 2 switching outputs (normally open / normally closed programmable). AF004 is suited for use in hydrous media. The unit cannot be used for fats, granulates, bulk material, acids, alkalis, hygienic and electroplating applications and heavily foaming media.

Wherever levels of liquids are to be monitored our level sensors are used. Even in critical process states our units monitor for example unintended overfill or emptying of containers, hydraulic tanks, silos or storage tanks.

Tried-and-tested millions of times in daily use. Level sensors from autosen are manufactured according to the highest quality standards with regard to robustness, noise immunity and reliability. We offer you a 5-year warranty for our product – with money-back guarantee!

If you have questions regarding the IO-Link parameterization or want to use the parameterization service of autosen, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or start directly with the IO-Link starter kit ADS01.

Technical data AF004

General information

Water-based cooling lubricants, oils, water / media similar to water
Greases; granulates; bulk materials; acids; alkaline solutions; heavily foaming media
> 2; (for media with DK 2...20 (oils), a coaxial tube is required for operation)

Outputs / inputs

2 x normally closed / normally open programmable

Electrical data

18 ... 30 V DC
Direct voltage (DC)
200 mA
2.5 V
80 mA
3 s

Mechanical data

L-40 (L-60); (with setting for oil and oil-based media)
V2A (1.4305)
V4A (1.4435)
Seal: Tesnit
V2A (1.4305)
Contacts gold-plated
External thread
G 3/4
100 ... 1600 mm
(See accessories)


± 10 mm
± 20 mm

Ambient conditions

0 °C
60 °C
-1...16 bar
0 ... 80 °C; (90 °C < 1 h) °C

Additional information

202 years
3 x LED
2 x LED
Programming keys
4-digit display
IEC 60947-1
DIN IEC 68-2-27
DIN IEC 68-2-6


A: Active range
I1 / I2: Inactive ranges
1: LEDs (display unit / switching status)
1: 4-digit alphanumeric display
3: Programming button
4: sealing

Operation with single probe

The single probe consists of just one probe. Operation with a single probe is ideal for detecting aqueous media, especially heavily contaminated aqueous media. To guarantee proper operation with single probes, the device requires a sufficiently large metal coupling plate. It is a prerequisite for the microwave pulse to be coupled into the vessel with optimum transmitting power. The flange plates, which are available as accessories, are not sufficient as coupling plates. When installed in closed metal vessels, the vessel cover serves as a coupling plate. For installation in open metal vessels, plastic vessels or metal vessels with plastic lids, a sufficiently large retaining plate, a metal support or similar must be used. When operating with a single probe, minimum distances to vessel walls, objects in the vessel, vessel floor and other level sensors must be maintained.

Suitable for media with a dielectric constant > 20


Operation with coaxial probe

The coaxial probe consists of an inner probe and an outer probe pipe (coaxial pipe). The probe is centred in the coaxial pipe by one or more spacers. When operating with a coaxial probe, not only aqueous media but also media with a low dielectric constant (e.g. oil and oil-based media) are detected. When operating with a coaxial probe, a coupling plate is not required. Further, minimum distances to vessel walls and objects in the vessel do not have to be maintained.

Suitable for media with a dielectric constant > 2 / < 20
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