AS009Vortex flow sensor G1M

  • G 1 M

  • 5.0 … 85 l/min

  • -25 ... 125 °C
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  • For water, glycol solutions and coolants
  • Inline device with DN 20 internal diameter and G1 external thread
  • integrated PT1000 element measures the temperature of the medium
  • Flow and temperature are output as an analogue signal 4...20 mA
  • Protection rating IP65

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The AS009 flow meter with a DN 20 internal diameter measures flow rates for a 5.0 to 85.0 l/min range. Temperatures of between -25°C and +125°C can also be measured thanks to the integrated Pt1000 element. The measurements are output as a 4…20 mA signal via a 3-pole M12 plug. The sensor is inserted between two pipes as an inline device and screwed tight using a G1 external thread. The compact design enables simple installation in confined spaces. The high-quality plastic housing and the simple yet robust design of the sensor make it a very cost-effective alternative compared to sensors with a metal housing. AS009 utilises the vortex principle for flow metering. A damming body creates vortices that are proportional to the flow velocity. The measuring method functions without any moving parts and is thus insensitive to soiling. The flow meter is suitable for hot water, drinking water and for all water-based, liquid media. Typical applications are industrial heating and cooling circuits.

Technical data AS009

General information

water; glycol solutions; coolants
5.0 … 85 l/min
-25 °C
125 °C

Outputs / inputs

4 ... 20 mA
2 x
When used with an analog output use exclusively sensor cables without LED
Water [4...20 mA]: Q [l/min] = 5.313 x (I - 4 mA)
Temperature [4...20 mA]: T [°C] = 9,375 x (I - 4 mA) - 25

Electrical data

10 ... 33 V DC
Direct voltage (DC)

Mechanical data

12 Nm
Contacts gold-plated
12 bar (up to 40 °C)
Flat sealing
External thread
G 1


± 0.2% MREV * (flow monitoring)
Q < 50 % MEW: < 1 % MEW / Q > 50 % MEW: < 2 % MW; (water) | ± 0,5 °C ± 0,005 x ΔT
* MV = measured value, MREV = measurement range end value
< 2 s
0.5 s (flow monitoring

Ambient conditions

-15 °C
85 °C
P(absolute) discharge / P(difference) > 5.5 to avoid cavitation

Additional information

380 years
No accessories included
EN 61326-2-3
DIN EN 60068-2-27
DIN EN 60068-2-6
Sound Engineering Practice; can be used for group 2 fluids
KTW / W270


dP: Pressure loss
Q: Volumetric flow quantity

Q: volumetric flow quantity
T: temperature
Pin 1 & Pin 4 supply sensor with current; analog output on pin 2 is optional
Data sheet
Customer reviews
Quality is good. Flow meter was for heating pump.
2/11/2022 1:23:37 PM
Application : To measure flow of a water treatment system.\nGood quality product.
6/21/2023 2:23:36 PM
i use the valve in an automotive aplication for. for mesuring oil flow and temperature.
6/4/2020 11:37:06 AM
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