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AS008 Vortex flow sensor G3/4M

  • G 3/4 M

  • 3.5 … 50 l/min

  • -25 ... 125 °C
The AS008 vortex flow meter offers cost-effective and accurate measuring of volume flow rates for liquid, water-based media for a 3.5 to 50.0 l/min range. The sensor comes with an integrated temperature measurement system (-25°C to +125°C) and outputs both measurements as a 4...20 mA analogue signal. The sensor has a DN 15 internal diameter and is installed between two pipes. Connection is very simple via a G ¾ external thread, while the electrical connection is carried out using a 3-pole M12 plug. The compact design enables installation in confined spaces. AS008 functions according to the vortex principle. A damming body creates vortices in the flow. The vortices depend on the flow velocity and are evaluated by the sensor. No moving parts are used and AS008 is, therefore, not susceptible to soiling in the medium. The measuring principle also works with deionised water, which offers an advantage over magnetic-inductive sensors. The vortex sensor is usually used for drinking, heating and cooling water applications.
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