AO020Mini Diffuse reflection sensor with PA housing

  • Diffuse reflection sensor

  • 1 ... 80 mm*

  • Red light
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  • Diffuse reflection sensor in miniature rectangular design with M8 pigtail (4-pin) and IO-Link
  • Settable sensing range 1...80 mm; with background suppression
  • Light-on mode/ normally open
  • thanks to the compact design and the space-saving connection via the pigtail, ideal for confined installation environments
  • Protection rating IP65/ IP67
io cloud compatible

Industry 4.0 & IIoT

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The autosen diffuse reflection sensor AO020 offers reliable position detection ranging from 1mm to 80mm. The red light detects objects of any size, shape and surface finish reliably and precisely. The sensor is light-on, i.e. it provides a switching signal when an object is detected. AO020 communicates with the master via IO-Link and the parameters can be set using autosen:io software.

The main strength of AO020 is its suitability for installation in confined spaces. The diffuse reflection sensor is characterised by its compact structural shape. The M8 connector can be routed out of the confined installation space with the integrated 30cm cable to facilitate installation. The three-wire cable is a PUR cable and, like the sensor, has a protection rating of IP67.

If you have questions regarding the IO-Link parameterization or want to use the parameterization service of autosen, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or start directly with the IO-Link starter kit ADS01.

Technical data AO020

General information

*(White paper 200 x 200 mm) Sensing range via IO-Link can be set between 10 and 80 mm
Diffuse reflection sensor
1000 Hz
Red light
1 ... 80 mm*

Outputs / inputs

Light switching
Light/dark switching programmable via io-link

Electrical data

10 ... 30 V DC supply class 2 cULus
Direct voltage (DC)
100 mA
2.5 V
20 mA

Mechanical data

V4A (1.4401)
With pigtail
Contacts gold-plated


(with max. range) 4
< ± 5 mm

Ambient conditions

-25 °C
60 °C

Additional information

Switching status: LED, yellow
Operation: LED, green
No accessories included
DIN EN 60947-5-2


x: distance sensor / object [mm]
y: min. distance object / background [mm]
1: Object black (6 % remission), background (white 90 % remission)
2: Object grey (18 % remission), background (white 90 % remission)
3: Object white (90 % remission), background (white 90 % remission)

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