ADS04IO-Link Data Splitter Retrofit Bundle

  • Retrofitting, extracting data to be sent to the Cloud

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  • IO-Link-capable sensor necessary
  • Simply retrofit existing systems with IO-Link without having to change the system

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Products included in the kit
1 x
IO-Link data splitter
IO-Link data splitter
  • IO-Link

  • IP67

  • Y-cable AA047 required

1 x
Connection cable 2 m PUR M12/M12 IP69k
Connection cable 2 m PUR M12/M12 IP69k
  • 2 x M12

  • 2 m

  • PUR cable
1 x
Y-splitter cable M12/2xM12
Y-splitter cable M12/2xM12
  • M12

  • 2 m

  • PUR
1 x
Plug-in power supply 24V EU
Plug-in power supply 24V EU
  • AC 240V / DC 24V | Output: 1A | Cable lengt: 2 m


The ADS04 Retrofit Bundle makes it possible to retrofit existing IO-Link-based installations without the need to modify the installations itself. The installation must be using a sensor with IO-Link support without an IO-Link Master (SIO mode). Much of the information from the sensor is lost. When combined with the ADS04, our io-key provides all of the components required, as well as a SIM card, connectivity and a cloud service to enable this information to be independently uploaded into the Cloud. The system is a complete solution that works with almost all IO-Link sensors without the need for any complex set-up thanks to IO-Link and includes the automatic set-up of a dashboard in the Cloud.

Note: This Starter Kit requires the Wireless IoT Gateway io-key (item IO001). The purchase of an io-key enables access to your Personal Cloud. You can customise your personal io-key with the desired functions in our online shop. Configure your io-key here.

If you want more information on the io-key and, click here.

Technical data ADS04

General information

Retrofitting existing installations – for extracting data to be sent to the Cloud
AN003 - 24 VDC power supply for io-key
AD008 - Extracts IO-Link data from switching and analogue signals
AA201 - Connection cable between AD008 and io-key
AA047 - Y-splitter cable for AD008 data splitter
IO001 io-key Wireless IoT Gateway
IO-Link sensor in existing installation that needs to be able to upload to the Cloud


Retrofitting of existing installation without modifying them
IO-Link sensor can be operated without a Master in the installation
The IO-Link process values from the sensor are extracted using the data splitter and can be uploaded to the Cloud using the io-key
IO-Link process values from the sensor
Data sheet