25,000 sensors from over 350 manufacturers to the cloud in less than one minute. With genuine plug & play thanks to IO-Link: Complete solution with IIoT - gateway & cloud access starting at 5 €/ month.

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From the sensor to the cloud in just 60 seconds.

io-key consists of a gateway with an integrated SIM card and a powerful cloud environment "Made in Germany". With it, the data of all common IO-Link sensors can be quickly and easily sent to the cloud. There, the data can be visualised, analysed, monitored and processed online – a conceivably uncomplicated, self-sufficient and scalable solution for your entry into IIoT.

Initial setup is automated and takes place in the shortest possible time. After just 60 seconds, sensor data from machines, systems and applications can be used permanently and – depending on the transmission interval – in real time in the cloud for IIoT applications. Using the standardised IO-Link protocol, io-key recognises connected sensors automatically and independently of the manufacturer or device type.

io-key uses the communication technology LTE Cat-M1 for data transmission. They enable uninterrupted data transmission even under unfavourable spatial conditions – for example in the basement or in areas with weak mobile phone coverage.

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How does io-key work?

Follow the route of data to the cloud - and learn how we established actual plug & play in the industry.

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Edge switching function

In addition to remote monitoring, our powerful IIoT gateway can also assume switching tasks - even independently of the network connection.

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Edge alarm function

With the alarm function, you are always informed when processes or conditions change. In case of an emergency, you will be notified immediately about the change in value.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the io-key

Discover our FAQ with the answers to the most frequently asked questions about io-key!

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Easily monitor, manage & analyse sensor data online.

io-key moves more than 25,000 industrial sensors from over 350 manufacturers to the cloud in less than a minute, easily and securely. IO-Link sensors are detected automatically and independent of the manufacturer via plug & play, while sensor data is transmitted to the cloud via a wireless link without having to change the IT infrastructure and irrespective of your location. The user can then conveniently monitor and analyse the data, be notified by email & text in case of value changes, as well as perform simple switching and control tasks. io-key has been designed as an enabler for industrial cloud applications and Industry 4.0. It enables online access to sensor data from machines, vehicles and buildings and thus permanent control of important operational information.

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