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Bergkamen, Germany

High degree of automation in seasonal business

Finally a figure that is really mouthwatering: 3.5 million. That is how many ice pops are manufactured by Busemann, Germany's largest ice lolly manufacturer - each day. Never heard of them? Sure you have. For forty years, the brightly coloured ice pops of the BUSSY brand have been hugely popular with young and old alike. What began with the import of a US filling machine in the mid-70s has in the meantime developed into one of the largest frozen drink manufacturers in Europe, which widely relies on automation – and on sensors from autosen.

When the sun shines, it's 'BUSSY time'. Ice lolly production in the German town of Bergkamen is then running at full capacity. In three-shift operation, over 200 employees at three filling lines produce frozen fruit slushies in cups and, of course, the all-time favourite: BUSSY MIX ice pops. Everyone has their favourite flavour and up to 15 different varieties can be produced at the same time, thus ensuring the supply is never exhausted. Speaking of delivery capabilities and reliability: Busemann customers enjoy six-days-a-week delivery. Therefore, it is imperative that machine downtime or defective batches do not disrupt the supply chain between the ice lolly factory and the customers in food retail, supermarkets and discount outlets. For some customers, Busemann additionally uses modified recipes and manufactures products under their name, which makes the production process and logistics even more complicated.

High degree of automation

For this reason and for reasons of quality assurance, production is largely automated – from coupling of the aroma tanks to primary packaging at the 13 packing stations. Filling, sealing the individual packs and final packaging no longer require any manual intervention. The automation of further packaging processes is already being planned. autosen sensors are used throughout the entire plant for process monitoring. Typical parameters, such as the valve positions at the fillers, are retrieved to determine whether products are present, or, as Production and Technology Manager Tim Vögeding says: "Whether the right product is going to the right machine." Colours, aromas and flavours must not be mixed up under any circumstances to ensure customers enjoy the perfect flavour experience.

Production, packaging and filling processes are subject to strict German and European food hygiene requirements and high-quality controls by food technologists. The production of BUSSY ice pops is certified according to IFS 6 Food (International Featured Standard). The sensors must be correspondingly robust and resistant in order to withstand both internal machine CIP and external high-pressure cleaning.

Delicious flavours all year round

When the end of the peak ice lolly season approaches in September, it is time for another classic product – popcorn. The delicious BUSSY POP salted or sweet popcorn, available in bags or tubs, rolls off the production line in Bergkamen and ensures that capacity is utilised to the maximum extent possible even during the winter months. Perfect timing, since BUSSY POP's peak season is during the annual carnival period when popcorn is widely distributed from the floats. autosen sensors are also used for the production of popcorn, primarily to query respective filling levels. For example, the PLC automatically detects whether the hoppers have been filled and the belt can continue to convey products. So it comes as no surprise that the popcorn production figures are also mouthwatering: No less than 10 tons of BUSSY POP leave the factory during peak periods.

„We rely on sensors to ensure the right product is going to the right machine.“

Tim Vögeding

Production and Technology Manager

Ihr Partner für Automatisierungstechnik & IIoT

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