AA949Prismatic reflector 42 mm

  • Reflector for red light and infra-red light retro-reflective sensors

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  • Reflector for red light & infra-red light retro-reflective sensors
  • Round mirror with 42 mm diameter
  • with polarisation filter
  • Simply mounted without the need for tools using adhesive

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Everything about autosen


autosen AA949 is a prismatic reflector with a polarisation filter for retro-reflective sensors. It is suitable for red light and infrared light.

The round structural shape, measuring 42mm in diameter, is extremely space saving and suitable for confined installation environments. It is simply installed without the need for tools using adhesive.

Retro-reflective sensors that use autosen AA949 as the polarisation filter have a decisive advantage compared to other photoelectric systems. The polarisation filter concentrates the light and reflects the light beam of the diffuse reflection sensor rotated through 90°. The receiver only detects polarised light, meaning system switching can be suppressed even with reflective objects.

Find technical data and scale drawings in the download section. Matching retro-reflective sensors (AO002, AO006, AO010, AO014, AO021) and further accessories are listed below.

Technical data AA949

General information

Round mirror with diameter Ø 42 mm
Reflector for red light and infra-red light retro-reflective sensors

Mechanical data


Ambient conditions

-10 °C
60 °C


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