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Industry 4.0 & IIoT

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While measuring, sending, recording and displaying measured values and creating simple switching and alarm rules are already standard functions of autosen IIoT products and, the further processing of process data is often very application-specific. Data that has already been digitised by the machines, systems and processes and sent to the can be the starting point for various added values in the form of digital data streams.

The Analytics Builder provides you with the best possible support in implementing your data processing and automation. The Analytics Builder is simply added to your existing instance as an additional application and can process the measured values of the instance as usual and without any programming effort.

Create various mathematical conversions, such as integrals, averages or even customised formulas based on your measured values, create logical links or generate output actions. You can even host your own machine learning model to analyse your data within the Analytics Builder.

The configuration of the workflows is based on programming with function blocks and is possible without knowledge of a programming language. In addition, the application already contains numerous help functions for the individual function blocks.
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