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Valensina: mega precise and ultra clean

With its premium fruit juice brands "Valensina" and "Hitchcock", the Valensina Group is one of the best known fruit juice producers in Germany. At headquarters in Mönchengladbach the company has largely automated its production to be able to meet high standards of freshness and delivery times. The sensors required for this are obtained through, which lowers costs and makes logistics easier.

Anyone with customers in food retailing cannot afford line downtimes. The logistics chain in juice production is tightly synchronised from harvest to customer purchase and bottling plays a key role. For optimum freshness and maximum expiration dates, Valensina containers generally go directly to retailers' refrigerated shelves with no detours, arriving no more than 24 hours after the order is received. A smaller buffer storage facility in nearby Korschenbroich is used to compensate for peaks in production and demand. Up to 500,000 litres of premium quality fruit juice can be bottled daily in five lines in the Mönchengladbach plant. The juices, which are pressed freshly three times a week, are primarily exported to other countries in Europe, while direct juices bottled daily mostly find their way into German supermarkets.
The especially gentle pasteurisation and constant cooling of the juice guarantees a fresh taste experience. Hygiene is the top priority in the entire production process, also because it affects the expiration date. Thus in addition to the two conventional lines, Valensina also operates three practically sterile Ultra Clean lines. On Valensina's Ultra Clean systems, production continues without interruption from Sunday evening until Wednesday morning. Then the lines are cleaned using chlorinated cleaning agents and foaming nozzles at a working pressure of 25 bar. The conventional lines are cleaned daily. These are challenging conditions for inductive and photoelectric sensors, which must reliably record and transmit information with great precision, yet are exposed to chemicals and moisture.

About Valensina

The Valensina Group markets a wide portfolio of attractive branded fruit beverages in both chilled and non-chilled food retail. The main brands are the well-known premium fruit juice brands "Valensina" and "Hitchcock". The Valensina brand makes the company one of the leading brand manufacturers of fruit juices in Germany.

Sensors wherever you look. Almost 15 percent of the devices have been replaced with autosen sensors, all of them complete with plug and cabling.
"Sensors used in the production environment are wearing parts, and to reduce downtimes to a minimum it is important that they can be replaced very easily."
Ernst Peter Froitzheim
Technical Manager of FSP Frischsaft FRISCHE Produktions GmbH, the company which operates the Valensina production lines

A question of timing

To ensure optimum freshness, the various Valensina retailing units generally reach retailers' refrigerated shelves no more than 24 hours after the order is received.
The delivery time of autosen sensors is just as short.

Base Theme

Diffuse reflection sensor IP69K stainless steel housing


  • Diffuse reflection sensor with stainless steel housing in rectangular design with M8 connector (4-pin) and IO-Link
  • Sensing range 2...200 mm; with background suppression
  • Light-on/dark-on mode programmable
  • Can be used in hygienic & wet zones
  • Protection rating IP65/ IP67/ IP68/ IP69k

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Sensors used

Most sensors used in the harsh and wet production environment have higher protection ratings with special equipment for the food industry. Devices like the AO001 retro-reflective sensor feature a stainless steel housing with protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, double seals and a flush recessed front panel made of resistant, shatterproof plastic, which can be cleaned leaving no residue.