io-key Node-RED Connector

  • IoT Flow Editor

  • Self-hosted

  • Free of charge

The free io-key Node-RED Connector allows you to easily integrate your measurement data and alarms from into your Node-RED Flow.

Create IoT flows easily & without programming knowledge!

From there, for example, you can forward them to any cloud-based software systems (e.g., AWS, Azure, ...) or process them according to any rules and specially developed functions. You can also generate outputs in the form of emails or push notifications.

Node-RED, therefore, allows you to process your data externally so that you can derive your personal benefit from it. The io-key Node-RED Connector is available for free download at the following external link.

The io-key Node-RED Connector at a glance

1) All knots are clearly explained.

2) The accuracy of the location is indicated by a radius.

3) The green or grey display shows you whether your io-key is connected and in operation.

4) Click on the connected sensor to access the sensor dashboard.

It's that simple!

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