IO105 io-key Location Service

  • Location update

  • 1x per day

  • Plug & Play

The io-key Location Service shows you the current location of your io-key. The service is free of charge and can be activated individually for each io-key. The location is updated once a day (at 12 o'clock at night).

Your io-keys europe-wide at a glance

All io-keys are clearly displayed on a map, making it easy to navigate to different locations and giving you a central overview of the locations where your io-keys are used.

The accuracy of the location information is visualised via a radius display. The location accuracy is determined via a triangulation procedure from the surrounding cell masts and the signal strengths. In this way, accuracies of up to approx. 100 metres are achieved. Depending on the surroundings and radio coverage, the accuracy of the location information deviates by up to several kilometres.

The io-key location service at a glance

1) Location of the io-key
Determined from triangulation and signal strength of the surrounding radio towers.

2) Accuracy of the location
The accuracy of the location is indicated by a radius.

3) io-key online status
The green or grey display shows you whether your io-key is connected and in operation.

4) Sensor online status & direct path to connected sensor
Click on the connected sensor to access to the sensor dashboard.

5) Alarm status
Clear display of alarms + navigation to the alarm.

It's that simple!

Activate io-key location service now and start using it today!

Log into your cloud ( and activate the io-key location service individually for each io-key in the self-service. You can activate it yourself under the Device Features tab. Afterwards, the location will automatically update itself at 0:00 a.m.

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