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You already have your own instance of and want to take the value of your sensor data to a new level? The Analytics Builder allows you to process measured values directly on your easily.

Analytics, right in your cloud

The Analytics Builder allows you to analyse your sensor data individually and interact with your devices. For example, you can perform calculations, examine your data for patterns using machine learning models and switch outputs. You can assemble these IoT flows simply by dragging and dropping them into a graphical interface.

Therefore, the Analytics Builder gives you the possibility to adapt your IIoT devices' data even better to your application and generate individual benefits.

Easy creation of own IoT flows (in-app)

1) A wide range of tools are available to you.

2) Simply use your sensor data as input blocks.

3) You can perform various logical operations in the expression block.

4) You can use and visualise the generated output in your cockpit.

Examples of use:

1) You monitor several, different water tanks. Through the Analytics Builder, you can easily find out at any time how much water is in all the tanks added together.

2) To determine the effectiveness of a cold storage’s air conditioning system, set up temperature sensors at various points and calculate the difference. If this exceeds a specific value, you can be notified.

3) In your operation, you use several pumps to convey a medium. Depending on your needs, not all pumps have to be switched on all the time. However, if no pump is running, you will be alerted.

4) From the volume flow of a pipeline, you can calculate the total volume pumped using an integral calculation.

It's that simple!

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