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Installing AC004

How is the AC004 to be installed?

Capacitive sensors are used as filling level sensors or position sensors. They can detect practically all plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, paper, oils, grease, water and all aqueous media contactlessly and signalize this by means of a switching signal. Automatic calibration to the medium to be detected is carried out with the aid of programming keys. In filling level applications, the sensor registers the medium through the non-metallic container wall.

There are two installation options

The AC004 device can be adjusted for either flat surfaces or round profiles by means of the corresponding installation adapters.


Installation on a flat surface

The sensor is inserted into the installation adapter bottom section first. The sockets of the installation adapter must engage with the lower recesses of the sensor. Press the lower section of the sensor and click it fully into the adapter. The sensor engages with an audible click. Then fix the sensor to the surface using 6 screws.

Installation on a round profile

Place the installation adapter on the sensor. Now thread two fixing straps for clean-line cylinders through the eyes of the installation adapter and fix it to a round profile together with the sensor.

Accessories for capacitive sensors

Discover the range of optional accessories for capacitive sensors!


For assembly of T- groove cylinder switches on round cylinders
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Capacitive sensors

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