Monitor limit values in real time

With io-key, you can monitor the production, process or application in real time. As soon as a limit violation is detected, io-key sends an alarm to the cloud. This has two advantages:

  • Reduced costs: Not all data is transmitted to the cloud and stored there. Often it is not necessary to have all your data in the cloud; only the relevant information is needed.

  • Immediate notification when a limit value is exceeded. Regardless of the selected transmission interval, io-key transmits the limit value violation directly to the cloud as a push message. An alarm can be generated here, which results in further actions (e.g. email dispatch, text notification dispatch, analytics rule, SAP action, ...).

"Thanks to the edge alarm function, you will never miss an important event again. This is how you turn data into relevant information. That's what IIoT is all about."

Rainer Schniedergers

Product Manager at autosen

The edge alarm function can be used both in case of a limit value violation (greater or less than) and with a window function. If the sensor value is inside or outside the window, depending on the configuration, an alarm is sent to the cloud.

The edge alarm function is set conveniently and centrally managed from the cloud. Parameters such as threshold value, hysteresis, alarm severity and text can be assigned individually. Screenshot with settings in the cloud.

Overview of the io-key edge alarm function:

1) Basics
The name of the rule can be assigned individually.

2) Condition
The limit value and the comparison value are set.

3) Hysteresis
The hysteresis is used to avoid unwanted false alarms.

4) Alarm
The severity of the alarm and its text can be assigned.

Edge alarm function

Application example: Alarm for leakage

Remote tank system monitoring with io-key

io-key collects and transmits sensor data for further processing in an individual cloud and software environment. A new feature is that it can also execute alarms and switching operations directly at the machine independently and in real time. This makes it possible to create complete end-to-end applications for IIoT without a complex and expensive infrastructure – the use of a PLC is no longer necessary.

Alarm for leakage or critical level

If the level drops below a critical level, tank leakage is to be assumed. The change in process values is registered by io-key in real time and an alarm is triggered immediately after a limit value is exceeded, which sends an alarm to the cloud regardless of the selected data packet, in this case one hour. It is processed there and can be further distributed via various media channels. At the same time, a switching output which supplies an LED signal tower with power is activated at io-key when a limit value is exceeded. A local optical and acoustic alarm signal can be easily generated directly at the edge, which makes it easier to locate the system with a critical condition, especially in complex production plants.


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