Node-RED allows data to be processed in any way through numerous open source modules and to be moved into almost any software system.

If, in addition to the, measurement data is to be transferred to your own external systems or processed externally using your own source code, an interface (API) is required via which the measurement data can be queried in the In addition to the REST interface, offers free connection nodes for the graphical flow editor Node-RED.

Once all the desired measurement data from IO-Link sensors, io-key and has been collected and processed and either functions purely as a data source or already generate logical output events, it can be processed in a variety of ways. With the free io-key connectors for Node-RED, individual measured values, alarms or other events can be integrated directly into the graphical flow editor – without having to manually request an API.

The open source software Node-RED is a graphical development tool that enables the implementation of your own applications and automatisms in the field of the Industrial Internet of Things. A library of different function blocks is available, which must be converted into a data flow by "drag & drop" and simple connections. Thanks to "graphical programming", only little programming knowledge is required.

This means that there are no limits to creativity.