Over 15,000 IO-Link-capable sensors are integrated in the via plug & play. Discover how easy it is and start your IIoT project with the today.

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Genuine plug & play right up to the cloud with automated dashboard generation.

Thanks to IO-Link technology, sensors associated with io-key are identified in an automated manner in the cloud without further parameterisation.

As user, you have the correct sensor values displayed without the need for any extra outlay and in the most suitable form. Depending on the connected sensor type (pressure, temperature or level, for instance), the always provides the appropriate display - without the need for additional settings.

More than 15,000 IO-Link-capable sensors can thus be integrated in the via plug & play.

The provides many additional functions, such as email and text notification if limits are exceeded, export functions as well as various alarm and switching functions. Role-based, variable user management makes the use of interesting even for more complex organisations.

The is based on the IoT platform of Cumulocity GmbH and thus draws on more than 10 years of cloud and IoT experience.

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Remote monitoring from the cloud

Remote monitoring of sensors from the cloud.

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Alarming from the cloud

Conveniently control alarms from the cloud in the event of limit value violations.

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Data logging and data exports

Collect important data and draw new conclusions and correlations.

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Analytics Builder

Simply compile more insights & individual findings from the data.

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Node-RED integration

Unlimited extension options with the free Node-RED integration.

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Branding Manager

Use the Branding Manager to adapt your cloud dashboard to your corporate CI.

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