Industry 4.0 as a business enabler

A whole universe of new possibilities for your business. Whether new business models, new service approaches or a new dimension of customer loyalty - with our solutions you can master your entry into the Industrial Internet of Things.

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Your partner for automation technology & IIoT

A universe of new possibilities.

In IIoT, everything is interconnected. Buildings and vehicles, machines and systems, water or energy meters constantly exchange information – with each other, with the company software or with the customer system. This is a treasure trove of data that every company can unlock if given the right tools.

All data of the objects networked in IIoT can be used – for autonomous edge applications or in integrated end-to-end systems. Open up new revenue sources, improve efficiency and competitiveness and strengthen customer loyalty? The potential of IIoT is huge, regardless of the company size or industry.

The collection, transmission and processing of this data requires tools that make the complexity manageable for the user and the applications affordable. The easier and more economical an IIoT project can be implemented, the more a company can focus on digital transformation.

The solutions from autosen, including io-key as a plug & play tool, show that it can be done differently. Maximum connectivity with minimum effort: This is also the basic idea behind IIoT. With io-key, a company can implement a complete digitalisation project within just 24 hours and with little investment – saving significant time and costs compared to the conventional approach.

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White labelling

IIoT does have a colour. Yours. Experience a new dimension of customer loyalty and open up new business models.

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In good company: The io-key ecosystem

Digitalisation is a business opportunity and also a strategic issue. Technical obstacles only ever arise when IT, communication technology and infrastructure are unnecessarily inflated and complicated. That is why you should rely on established partners who provide you with smart solutions. .

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