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Locate leaks, improve sustainability and competitiveness

Despite high energy costs for compressed air generation, only some companies know where compressed air is lost unused through leaks. Checking the lines also involves a lot of manual effort and is therefore not carried out regularly.


Leaks in the compressed air system are energy guzzlers. Since they could previously only be detected with a great deal of manual effort, they usually remained undetected and could secretly drive up costs and CO2 emissions.

Customer benefits

By recording the air flows directly at the point of use, the current compressed air consumption can also be determined for individual machines or subsections of the pneumatic system. As a complete solution consisting of sensor technology, io-key®, and cloud service, SMC offers a complete, easy-to-use analysis tool from a single source with EnergieTransparenz@SMC.


The mobile, easy-to-install solution can be installed alternately on different machines, thus identifying compressed air losses throughout the entire operation. In addition, when used at a measuring point for a more extended period, comparing current values with historical consumption data can reveal anomalies that indicate leaks.


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  • sensor to cloud made easy
  • for IO-Link sensors
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  • Protection rating IP65
  • Cloud dashboard & alarm functions