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1. Select your target cloud
io-key in der autosen cloud
io-key in the

Advantages of the

  • End-to-end solution, consisting of hardware, data transmission and cloud platform
  • Ready-to-use cloud platform, optimised for application with IO-Link sensors "plug-and-play"
  • Can be extended with numerous additional functions, such as Analytics Builder
  • No manual configuration required
2. Your monthly costs are determined as follows:
io-key Lizenzio-key licence

Use the io-key in your own cloud.

In combination with apollo, the io-key can be integrated into every cloud. Operation of the cloud and the apollo container is in your hands.

You have total control over your application and the data from the io-key is sent directly to your cloud instance. Whether AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or your own cloud; the io-key transmits to any cloud.

Only licence fees are payable for io-key use. Billing cycles are set on a monthly basis.

The io-key licence offers:

  • Self-administered io-key
  • io-key with full range of functions and freely configurable transmission interval
  • io-key edge functions
  • Firmware updates for new functions
  • Basic fee for data evaluation from mobile transmission
per month
Datenauswertung aus mobiler ÜbertragungData evaluation from mobile transmission

When using the io-key, sensor data is transmitted to your target cloud via the European-wide mobile network.

Everything is done for you. You receive the ready-to-use io-key, which can then be put into operation immediately. The costs incurred are billed fairly and based on your level of consumption (metric).

The data consumption of io-keys is usually between a few MB and no more than 100 MB/month, meaning the costs range from as little as a few cents to around 3€/month.

This package contains:

  • Optional data evaluation via European-wide mobile data transmission
  • Integrated eSIM on board
  • Data consumption is calculated according to the connected sensor and the transmission interval
  • Monthly metric billing per io-key
  • Freely configurable io-key
  • All io-key functions can be used for data evaluation
2. Select your transmission interval & your cloud storage (optional):
1.00 / Month


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